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BitlBee 3.5.1
- dequis
purple: Fix crash on ft requests from unknown contacts
- dequis
More troubles because the fix from the Debian bug didn't match the fix
- Wilmer van der Gaast

Public BitlBee servers

If you don't feel like installing BitlBee (for example, if it's too much work on your operating system), you can also use a public BitlBee server. There are more and more available these days. Some of them are maintained by us, some are not.

So, we're not responsible for these servers. If anybody steals your password, please don't blame us. But of course, we do trust the server owners to handle the passwords with care. After all, what's the use of stealing someone else's chat passwords ... to chat with people you don't know anyway? Also, please do not contact us if you got questions about your account or server downtime. (Unless your account is on our server, of course) We can't answer such questions, only the server owner can.

The server owners may have special rules or restrictions on their servers. We can't put them all here, so please don't forget to read the MOTDs if you want to be sure.
 The NetherlandsWilmer van der Gaast3.4.1
 BelgiumWilmer van der Gaast, Tom Laermans3.4-bzr-1121
Usually runs experimental (but reasonably stable) code. SSL via port 6668.
 GermanyGuido S. Nickels3.4.2-0ubuntu1
Shutting down on 2017-01-31
 Pittsburgh, USADoug Luce3.4.2+20161018+master+75-gc94e208-git
SSL via port 6697
 The NetherlandsArnie3.4.2+20161231+master+113-g2e8523b-git
 BelgiumTom Laermans3.4.2+20161231+master+113-g2e8523b-git