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Stable: 3.6
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Adjust sha1_random_uuid usage in jabber/conference.c
- Petr Vaněk
Bump GitHub actions/checkout from 3 to 4
- Robert Scheck
remove references to my old nickname
- Jelmer Vernooij


The current BitlBee team consists of three people: Wilmer, Jelmer and Maurits. But of course we're not alone. Lots of people have submitted patches, most of them were eventually merged into the main source tree. The list of people is too long to list here, you can find a list in doc/CREDITS inside every source tarball.

And of course we should not forget to thank the Gaim team. Though hard to read and understand, the IM-code from Gaim is very useful, and without it BitlBee wouldn't even be ready for first release yet. So if you don't like the way BitlBee works, if you prefer GUI stuff, just try Gaim.

The site

This site is currently being hosted by MediaDesign. We would like to thank MediaDesign for offering us a free account to host our site.

And thanks a lot to Erik Bosman for designing the new BitlBee website!!!

Last but not least

A big thank you to the users for the spreading the word and mostly writing good and useful bug reports or even patches. :-)