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Stable: 3.5.1
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debian/copyright: some more copyright attribution fixups
- dequis
debian/copyright: rewrite with structured format
- Jochen Sprickerhof
Depend on newer debhelper (>= 9.20160709) rather than dh-systemd. (#123)
- Debian Janitor


If you have problems with BitlBee, the best place to find support is IRC. We're lurking on #bitlbee most of the time, on OFTC (just connect to We live in Europe, so if you're in a different timezone you might have to wait a while before we wake up and answer your question. But since there are many (around 200) people in the channel maybe someone else can help. :-)

We might set up a mailing list later, but for a program like BitlBee IRC is probably the best way to offer support.